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Department of Biomedical Engineering


Microscopic image of spinal nerve ganglion a collection of nerve cells situated outside the spinal cord near the junction with the spinal nerve

Neuroengineering uses engineering techniques to understand, repair, replace, or enhance neural systems.  solve design problems at the interface of living neural tissue and non-living constructs. Our current research projects focus on neuronal and glial cell replacements and their implications for regenerative, cell-based therapies across the neural system, silico analysis of brain and spinal cord injury and repair and cellular engineering approaches for repair and restoration of neural functions.

Research Clusters

Spinal Cord Regeneration

Associated Faculty: Li Cai, Troy Shinbrot, David ShreiberMartin Yarmush

Retinal Repair and Regeneration

Associated Faculty: Li Cai, Maribel Vazquez

Nanoprobes for Imaging and Treating Neurodegenerative Disorders

Associated Faculty: Li Cai, Maribel Vazquez, Prabhas Moghe