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I’m a biomedical engineering major, and I want to tell you about my internships at Merck. During my first internship, I worked in the company’s supply excellence management office, or TMO. When I started in May after my sophomore year, I felt so pressured to do well as an engineer coming into the world of supply chain for the first time.

I really had no need to worry: my supply chain internship taught me so much. I knew that I was learning and growing every day.

Over the 12 weeks of my internship, I worked on a diverse range of projects that have enabled and enhanced my project management, critical thinking, communication, and technical skills.

From adding the control tower processes to the global operating model and creating sensitive financial data maps for the supply chain management (SCM) owned systems to all the other projects I worked on, this was a great opportunity to develop myself as both an engineer and a person.

I'm interning again this summer at Merck. I'm working within the global vaccine biologics commercialization department this time around. It’s so totally different from working in supply chain last summer.

My internship experiences at Merck are all I could have asked for. All of the people and connections I’ve made are fantastic. I’ve received incredible – and constant – guidance and support from my Merck mentors: everyone has been so welcoming and helpful.

I’m thrilled to be continuing to renew and foster relationships at Merck.